Special Video Offers

Why do movies
cost so much?

Industrial films can cost as much as $1,000 per minute or more!

It takes a lot of people. A movie crew is made up of highly paid people that are specialists at their job.

An animated film can be even more expensive. Each character has to be drawn and re-drawn to create all the images needed for the film.

Today we can affect a huge savings and cut the cost of making a movie (or video) by using the computer.

"Lights", "Sound" - "Roll Computer!"

We have created a special video package for those who need a professionally made video to sell their products, services or company message and (the best part) we can do it at a greatly reduced cost.

No need for lots of actors or special locations. We use stock video, still photos and templates created on the computer. This way we can keep the cost so low, you won't have any reason not to use the most powerful marketing tool on the web.

A strong, well made video, carefully crafted, with a consistent, entertaining delivery, will give you the professional image you need to compete with any company in the marketplace.

Here's how it all goes together:

- You choose a style you like and place an order with us to make the video. Next, we contact you to arrange for a production meeting to discuss your ideas by phone.

- We start with your main concept, the message you want to convey to any audience you feel justifies a clear, well conveyed presentation.

- Once we have an approach, we make up a "sample" cut of the video. We test it out on you and others to insure it meets our collective goals.

The whole process takes only a day or two, if we stay with our simple approach, but it can take longer. It all depends on how long, fancy or elaborate you want the video to be.

Let's "green-light" this project!

How to get started

1) Select "30 seconds" or "60 seconds" (the length of time you believe necessary for your video)

2) Select one of the "video styles" on the "styles" page. (the one you feel is the best approach for your message)

3) Click "add to cart" to move the selection to the shopping cart, and complete the checkout.

That's it. Your project is now on the production schedule.

30 Second Video
Price(USD): $150.00
Style Chosen:

60 Second Video
Price(USD): $250.00
Style Chosen:

(For longer videos/films or volume
discounts, contact us directly)

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